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The Center for Advanced Materials & Manufacturing (CAMM) addresses two critical challenges: (1) how to overcome the complexity of quantum materials that currently hinders progress (interdisciplinary research group 1 (IRG1); and (2) realizing structural materials capable of the extreme performance characteristics needed for future technologies (IRG2)).

IRG1 focuses on applying AI to quantum magnetic materials and engineered quantum systems supporting the rational design of materials with applications. It develops AI-based tools to handle complex quantum phases and physical behavior. IRG2 explores the effects of extreme conditions on stability, structure, and properties of high-performance structural materials, elucidating the materials paradigm for these novel systems.

These materials are vital for a broad spectrum of energy, transport, and security applications. Four interrelated research methodologies – neutron scattering; modeling, simulations, and AI; in situ experiments; and materials co-design – connect the IRGs, with application and development of machine learning providing mathematical, analysis, and data science tools to find patterns in data and simulations and enable optimization and autonomous discovery.

CAMM includes a tailored graduate education model and curriculum incorporating the use of AI in materials and manufacturing discovery. CAMM impacts the nation by making new experimental and AI capabilities available to researchers; training future researchers in next-generation approaches to quantum and extreme materials; and advancing the frontier of technologies from low power electronics and quantum sensors to nuclear fusion and hypersonic systems.